Staying true to our initial aspiration and filling SIPG with love

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The year 2019 marks the 22nd anniversary of SIPG’s “8.15” Love Foundation and SIPG’s 23rd “8.15” charity event. All employees of the Company embraced the vision of “developing themselves and giving back to society”, and in a warm atmosphere of passing love to those in need and building harmony, they actively demonstrated their love with generosity.


In 2019, the Company had 45 entities and 29,112 employees (including 13,789 contract workers) participating in the donation to raise a total of 4,985,200 yuan. In 2019, the “8.15” Love Foundation disbursed a total of 6,129,700 yuan, including 262,000 yuan for 59 students, 824,500 yuan for 1,101 people covered by the “targeted poverty relief” program, 4,955,600 yuan of one-time assistance for 1,634 people, and 87,600 yuan for teachers and students in 4 paired elementary schools in Guizhou and Yunnan provinces for participating in the program “ONE-DAY TOUR IN THE HARBOR”. 

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