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SIPG and Ant Group Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement at Fintech Conference

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On September 25, SIPG and Ant Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the IN.CLUSION Fintech Conference. Building on a blockchain empowered ecosystem of ports and shipping companies, the two parties aim to work together to improve collaboration efficiency and digital financial services in order to further advance the development of a digital smart port. 


Gu Jinshan, Party Secretary and Chairman of SIPG and Jiang Guofei, Vice President of Ant Group and President of Smart Technology BU addressed the signing ceremony, which was also attended by Yan Jun, Deputy Party Secretary and President of SIPG and Liu Yidong, General Manager of Digital Logistics at Ant Chain. Witnessed by principal leaders from both sides, the agreement was signed by Zhang Xin, Vice President of SIPG and Lin Yifei, Vice President of Smart Technology at Ant Group.

According to Gu Jinshan, SIPG and Ant Group will carry out in-depth cooperation on blockchain technologies. Building on their respective strengths, the two companies will jointly research and advance applications and innovations of blockchain in the port-shipping ecosystem, and drive forward digital transformation and innovative development of logistics and smart ports. This is going to further empower upgrading of ports and shipping industry as well as improve the service capacity of the ecosystem.

As the representative tech brand of Ant Group, AntChain has worked with its partners to solve the trust problem in more than 50 scenarios. Currently, the number of daily “chain visits” exceeds 100 million. Jiang Guofei said that in the next 20 years, Ant Group will support benchmarking companies like SIPG and enable efficient flow of digital assets and multi-party cooperation with financial institutions by “chaining” businesses and the entire ecosystem. The partnership between SIPG and Ant Group is bound to become a milestone and a new paradigm for the blockchain-enabled digital upgrade of smart ports around the world.

As a natural core node connecting international trade and the logistics industry chain, ports have many collaborating partners such as traders, logistics service providers, cargo dealers, customs, taxation authorities, banks and insurers, and multi-party collaboration often faces problems such as high trust costs and difficult coordination. SIPG and Ant Group will jointly study and advance development of a port and shipping alliance chain, move key node data of port and shipping onto chains, and realize cross-chain interconnectivity with other port and shipping networks so as to solve the trust problem in the era of digital economy and reshape critical infrastructure for international trade and logistics.

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