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Port of Shanghai in Full Swing ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year

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All three major port areas in the port of Shanghai are in full swing ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year, regardless of the abnormal extreme cold wave or the normality of pandemic prevention and control, working hard together to reach a record high of 4.03 million TEU in the first month of 2021, up over 10% year on year.

Back to the beginning of 2020, to face up with the blow of the corona virus epidemic, SIPG made a decision to manage and operate the container terminals by “three brigades” according to physical location and trade business, namely, the WGQ (Wai Gao Qiao) port area, the Yangshan port area, the domestic trade port area, in a bid to cope with the challenges with an overall planning and collective efforts. The three major port areas have achieved a good result in 2020, that is, 43.5 million TEU in annual container throughput, ranking No. 1 in the world for 11 years in a row.

At the beginning of the coming year, the three port areas have taken initiatives to render customers targeted and highly-efficient services by focusing on the market demand and extending services scopes in collaboration.


WGQ area (WGQ PHASE I-V ) saw a yoy growth of 4% in January, 2021, while SIPG Zhenghe (Taicang) terminal up 25.7%. The Taicang-shanghai express, as a service connecting Taicang port and WGQ terminals, created a new monthly record of 9,200TEU.


The monthly throughput in Yangshan area (YS1-2, YS3, YS4) in January, 2021, increased by 18% compared with the first month last year.

Domestic Trade business

The total domestic trade volume realized a significant growth by 45% by seizing the opportunity of robust momentum of domestic trade and economy development.


Shanghai Pilotage completed 6069 vessel/times with a yoy rise by 7.43%, averaging 196 daily times in January, 2021.


Shanghai Fuxing Towing served 6019 vessel/times with a yoy rise by 4.1% in January, 2021.

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