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Care for Workers to Stay in Shanghai during the Spring Festival 2021

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Due to the strong demand in the market even in the Chinese New Year Season, Shanghai Port is committed to 24*7 Operation during the Spring Festival While taking good care of the employees and contract workers in the holiday.

Following national guidance on the prevention and control of the pandemic during holiday season, SIPG is encouraging their employees contract workers to stay put in Shanghai and not to go back to hometown unless necessary. Various levels of managers and HR departments in SIPG are working in coordination to make sure all employees and immigrant workers to have a happy, safe and peaceful spring festival in Shanghai while to safeguard the normal operation of the port. It has been estimated that nearly 96.2% immigrant workers will stay in Shanghai for the coming holiday.

SIPG has rolled out a full range of measures to make the workers feel at home in the most-valued holiday throughout the year for the Chinese. Holiday allowances as well as seasonal gifts and provisions have been given out and some visits have been made to those who are in bad need, in the meanwhile, after-holiday leaves have been scheduled to avoid concentrated going-back so as to better prevent and control the Covid-19. 

On the other hand, SIPG  will keep a close track on  the health condition of people that have been back home. Above all, workers health and safety is the first priority for SIPG. We are committed to delivering consistent and stable service to our customers.

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