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Set out on a new journey with original aspiration, aiming at building the first-class shipping hub through high-quality development and innovation

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 In the past 30 years since Mr. YAN started work in 1991, the annual container throughput in Shanghai port has improved from 430k TEU to 43.5m TEU, consecutively ranking No.1 in the world for 11 years in container throughput.

How to develop so fast?

 Thanks to the leadership of the CPC and in particular its fundamental decision to open-up and reform, the economy and trade have been developing and flourishing ever since. Shanghai port has seized the opportunity to strive for the impressive performance with unremitting efforts of all employees.  

 Due to the unique geographical location of Shanghai port, at the crossing point of the Yangtze River and China coastal line knitting up the T shape water-borne transportation network, which enjoys good connection to the other rivers, roads and rails across Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, Shanghai port and Shanghai city have been thriving mutually.

 On top of that, SIPG value technology advancement and keep benchmarking against the world advanced level to improve the technological level of port facilities and management.

A case in point

SIPG independently researched and developed TOS (Terminal Operation System), applied to SIPGs fully-automated Yangshan Phase IV terminal (YS4), and own fully independent intellectual property right. TOS outperforms any other product of the kind across the world. The system, with the most outstanding strength of making loading and unloading operation in tandem possible at the quay side, won the special award in the Shanghai Technology Advancement Awards 2020. The system will be upgraded continuously to ramp up the operation and management capability and the comprehensive service capability and to bolster the leading place for YS4 in facility scale and intelligence level.  

Compared to conventional terminals of the same size having roughly 800-900 operators, less than 300 are staffed in YS4, including maintenance and repair technicians. The cost for labor has been cut down by 70% while the handling efficiency  improved by 30%. More than that, the working place for the operators has been transferred from the 40-meter-high QC cabin to the comfortable work stand in the back office building with easy clicks of the mouse and play of the joysticks. Most amazingly, recently SIPG have collaborated with Haiwei technology to develop a program named  SIPG Super Remote Control Smart Control Center based on the F5G technology which allows operators to remotely control the  crane operation at the distance of 100km away from the terminals with a latency of less than 6ms. This means operators will be saved from the commuting trouble, which now take them around 2-h drive from the downtown to the Yangshan Islands.


SIPG have achieved some major breakthroughs and solid  results in the R&D and application in the blockchain technology.  SIPGs first foray into the blockchain technology began with E- D/O in November, 2018. After one year, exchange of the marine B/L was processed on the digital platform. SIPG have expanded the document processing all the way to the blockchain-based port-shipping alliance digital chain ever since. So far, the platform has completed 99% of their applications for its registered enterprises, that is, over 7000 B/Ls and nearly 17,000 TEU cargo volume. For example, 500 B/Ls were processed for Teslas cargo from two different shipping services calling in Shanghai port during the same window. It used to take 8 hours to manually deal with the documents non-stop at one service counter by ship agency. But now it only takes 3-4 minutes.  

Looking to the future, SIPG will develop the blockchain-based platform in two dimensions: on the one hand, we will extend our service to the common upgrading and development for the Yantze River Economic Zone and Yangtze River Delta with the advanced technology and business results of block chain and paperless platform by the leading and radiating influence of the Shanghai port and the Golden Yangtze River; on the other hand, we will develop all-in-one form-sheet for multi-modal transportation and share all the information all the logistics chain through integrating the digital platform for booking port service, Yangtze River logistics service and International shipping service.  

 The fourteenth Five-year plan for Shanghai Port

SIPG pin-down the Fourteenth Five-year strategy in the framework of 1+3 scheme: namely, 1 indicates one goal ---  SIPG to build Shanghai Port into a world class top shipping hub; +3 means three new breakthroughs in technology,  regions and business.

 Breakthrough in new technology

SIPG will strengthen the development on smart and green port as well as the digitalized platform. Currently, SECT (WGQ4) has been undertaking the automation retrofitting at its the conventional terminal. During the next five years, SIPG will step up efforts on the conventional terminal retrofitting, with a purpose of enhancing the operation efficiency to a new level with the massive application of new technologies.

 Breakthrough in new regions

SIPG aim to expand the logistics service to more extensive inland regions from originally the Yangtze River region to the Huai River area by intensively centering on the national dual-circulation strategy.

 Breakthrough in new business

SIPG will focus on the exploring the business of cabotage and transshipment consolidation by leveraging the Lingang FTZ institutional advantage and expanding port digitalized platform business, with a bid to building Shanghai port into the transshipment hub in the northeast Asia.

Mr. YAN stresses:  We, as a port operator, embrace the vision of fostering Shanghai Port into a worldwide benchmarking enterprise in the port community featuring the most highest technological skills, the most best facility capacity and container handling capability, the most efficient handling operation and the most optimal total logistics cost.

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