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SIPG Successfully Issues Overseas USD Bonds of Two Maturities

The release date:2020-07-06 15:33 viewed: The shop name:AAA

On July 6, Yan Jun, Deputy Party Secretary and President of SIPG, presided over a meeting that set the price of the Company’s 2020 USD bond offering. One billion USD worth of overseas USD bonds of five-year and ten-year maturities were successfully issued.  

Investors have shown great confidence in the creditworthiness of SIPG and the value of its bonds as evidenced by the order book peaking at 11 billion USD and 11 times oversubscription. Both the five-year and 10-year bonds achieved negative new issue premium, with the former setting the highest record of negative premium achieved by Chinese enterprises with the same credit rating since 2018. By seizing the historic low pricing, SIPG has slashed its bond financing cost. The yields of bonds of two maturities fell by 90 and 50 basis points respectively compared with those registered in September last year, the lowest in the industry across the world. The yield of the five-year bond issued was the lowest among all USD bonds of the same maturity issued by transportation industry players across the world.

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