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SIPG Sea-rail Intermodal Transportation Quickens Pace in Launching Premium Services

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A few days ago, a Maersk sea-rail intermodal train loaded with 45 containers of photovoltaic module products departed from Changzhou Benniu Station. This is the third Changzhou sea-rail intermodal train commissioned by Maersk within a week.


The launch of the Maersk sea-rail intermodal transport special train is an efficient, convenient and environmentally-friendly new logistics channel that the Sea-rail Combined Transport Company has created in response to the country’s call for "Protecting the Blue Sky” and fully leveraging the strengths of SIPG. Since the end of April this year, container delivery by the Maersk sea-rail intermodal service has topped more than 1,000 TEUs. Maersk has highly recognized the business model and expressed that it will carry out the business cooperation on a larger scale in the future.  


Since the beginning of this year, the company has vigorously explored the market with the opening of a slew of sea-rail combined transport trains between Shanghai and other parts of the country. On June 6, a train loaded with 35 export containers drove out of the Nantong Haian Station and headed for Shanghai Luchaogang Station, marking the official launch of the “Nantong-Shanghai” sea-rail intermodal train which laid the foundation for a fixed train service following the opening of the Hu Tong Railway. The train is operated weekly during the trial operation period and after the official inauguration of the Hu Tong Railway on July 10, there will be a regular daily service between Haian and Yangshan with fixed destinations, routes, schedules and prices.

The Shanghai Port Sea-rail Combined Transport Company, established on November 1 last year, has so far successfully opened sea-rail intermodal trains between the Yangshan Port of Shanghai and 15 cities including Huzhou, Changzhou, Suzhou, and Wuxi. With a maximum daily container distribution of nearly 800 TEUs, the trains have further promoted rapid growth in sea-rail combined transport business of the Shanghai Port, enhanced distribution capacity of the Yangshan port area and improved the port’s logistics service function and industrial clustering effect.

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