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SIPG Discusses Future Development with Ship Owners and Cargo Owners with a Focus on Yangtze River Delta Integration

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On October 15 and 16, SIPG held a business promotion event for its Waigaoqiao area in conjunction with the inauguration ceremony of SIPG Logistics Information Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and the launching ceremony of its ICT project. Xu Kunlin, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Party Secretary Suzhou, and Gu Jinshan, Party Secretary and Chairman of SIPG, jointly unveiled SIPG Logistics Information Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.


The event was also attended by Yan Jun, Deputy Party Secretary and President of SIPG, Yu Xingnan, Member of the Standing Committee and  Secretary-General of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee, and Vice Mayor Wu Xiaodong of Suzhou, SIPG Vice Presidents Wang Haijian and Zhang Xin, and Deputy General Manager Zhao Lijian of China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group. SIPG, together with representatives of ship carriers and cargo owners, discussed challenges and opportunities and explored strategies for cooperation and development.

Gu Jinshan said in his speech that in the face of the current complex and volatile international situation, SIPG always keeps in mind the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping; and on the basis of winning the battle against COVID-19 and resuming work and production in an orderly and efficient manner, the Company focuses on strengthening and improving its core businesses, making every effort to build an intelligent system for port operation, management and service, and has established three port areas, namely Yangshan, Waigaoqiao (WGQ) area, and domestic trade to achieve better coordination and synergy through area-specific management. With the efforts of three port areas and the full support of all trunkline and feeder shipping companies and cargo owners, SIPG has achieved hard-won results in the first three quarters, making its own contribution to optimizing the port business environment.


Gu emphasized that SIPG will unswervingly serve national strategies and be committed to engaging in the “Yangtze River Delta Integration”. By making continued efforts in strengthening collaboration with ports, railways and highways across the Yangtze River Delta, exploring a more diversified port collection and distribution system and promoting information sharing and business interconnectivity, the Company strives to become the most trustworthy and reliable port operation and logistics service provider in the industry. With utmost sincerity, SIPG will improve trust between ports and shipping companies and strive to promote broader, deeper and closer cooperation. By jointly addressing challenges and opportunities, exploring coping strategies and seeking cooperation and development, we will together embrace a better era of port and shipping industries.


At the business promotion session for the WGQ Area, SIPG made a presentation on the ICT (Suzhou) project, sea-rail combined transport and the EIR2.0 project to attending clients, and signed a cooperation agreement on its signature route. Representatives of 46 shipping companies providing major trade lane and feeder services, cargo owners as well as heads of relevant business units of SIPG attended the promotion session and exchanged views on the current market situation.


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