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Commitment to charity

Our vision about giving back to society has shifted from obligation to “active responsibility”. We encourage our employees to participate in various charity activities of the Company as volunteers, so that commitment to charity is translated into each and every employee’s actions and becomes a fine tradition of the Company. At the same time, this sense of corporate social responsibility is gradually transformed into our employees’ sense of citizenship, and this kind of enthusiasm and love is expanding to more places.

Social activities

We pay attention to the development of urban sports and actively participate in various sports events and activities organized by Shanghai. SIPG completed the overall acquisition of Shanghai East Asia Football Club in 2014 and began to get involved in the football business. This is not only a part of SIPG’s endeavors to develop itself, give back to society, actively fulfill its social responsibilities, and participate in Shanghai’s urban construction and sports development, but also an important attempt to further engage in the sports industry in the context of China’s accelerated development of sports industries, especially the football industry. SIPG is fully responsible for the management and operation of the club, and will focus on long-term development, with an aim to transfer the management experience of SIPG group to the club, and after several years of steady development, to explore the club’s profit model and build it into a football club featuring first-class sports performance and a positive image. In the 2019 season, SIPG F.C. overcame numerous difficulties and won the Super Cup and the third place in the Chinese Super League, showcasing a good spirit.

In the future, SIPG will always firmly cultivate the football culture of SIPG F.C., pass on the positive energy of Shanghai, and assume its social responsibility towards Shanghai’s development. As the motto of the club goes, “positive energy in Shanghai embracing infinite future”, looking forward, SIPG will strive to bring more glory for the city of Shanghai!

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

The concept of sustainable development    


Sustainable development,as an important element of our strategy, reflects SIPG’s relentless pursuit in economic, environmental and social development. By our definition of sustainable development, the Company and its stakeholders are like parts of a sphere, sharing economic, environmental and social responsibilities, and jointly promoting the sustainable economic, environmental and social development of the whole sphere. We shall work hard to enable the sphere to operate more smoothly and sustainably, create tremendous amount of energy to achieve harmony and common prosperity. We have consistently improved sustainable development management. Under the guidance of current international and Chinese indicators and management systems, we have put in place an indicator system in line with characteristics of the industry and the Company. As a key part of our sustainable development management, we prepare and publish sustainable development reports every year to share our achievements in theory and practice and allow stakeholders to better understand SIPG.    


Flow Chart of SIPG Sustainable Development Management System    

We are committed to consistently improving our sustainable development system to better inform stakeholders of our actions and we welcome oversight and guidance of our work from all communities.    

Survey and assessment of status quo - High-level decision-making - Improving organization - Information and indicator collection/updating - Risk assessment and decision making - management system design - implementation of risk management program - Monitoring execution - Preparation of reports - Internal and external review - Disclosure of reports     


We are committed to consistently improving our sustainable development system to better inform stakeholders of actions taken by us and we welcome oversight and guidance of our work from all communities.    



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