Key Strategic Goals for the “14th Five-Year Plan” Period

  • To maintain the No.1 container throughput of the Port of Shanghai in the world, and a world-leading position in terms of comprehensive service, operation capacity and technological application.
  • To get actively involved in the regional port integration program, consolidate the leading role of SIPG, build a world-class shipping hub, and advance the development of Shanghai International Shipping Center.
  • To significantly increase its service and support for the “dual circulation” strategy at home and abroad.
  • To provide high-quality opportunities of sustainable growth and value creation for our shareholders and employees.
“1+3” Strategic System

    Building on the “1+3” strategic system, SIPG will be committed to building a world-class shipping hub, realizing breakthroughs in technology, geographical presence and types of business, and making moderate efforts in diversified development while steadily developing its core business segments, creating an enabling environment for high-quality development.
To build a world-class shipping hub
  •   SIPG will spare no effort to build a network-based service system in the Yangtze River basin, including the Yangtze River Delta, and develop a comprehensive service platform as part of the Yangtze River port and shipping blockchain. To this end, SIPG will strengthen its operation in the Yangtze River basin, and drive the integrated development of transportation across rivers, seas, highways and railways, as a means to maintain its market share.
  •   By improving the capability of allocating logistics resources for port and shipping operations, SIPG will intensify its impact in both the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the “Belt & Road” Initiative.
  •   On top of that, the Company will focus on making breakthroughs in international transit and coastal shipping business, making progress while keeping the container throughput stable, and building an international transshipment hub in Northeast Asia.
  • New technologies
    SIPG will increase its core competitiveness through empowering its business with digital technologies.
    Build a port service platform to expand the effect of its strategies.
    Drive the development of a digital port with technology and create brand-new operation and business modes.
  • New area
    To expand its geographical presence, SIPG will take advantage of opportunities to provide high-quality branch networks, terminals and logistics assets abroad, at the back of the demonstration effect of the Haifa Project.
    Meanwhile, the Company will further its commitment to developing the economic hinterland of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.
  • New types of business
    SIPG will explore new types of business, expand its operation of port platform, and seek new strategic investments. This will help develop a port ecosystem featuring orderly and common development, and shape a second growth curve.

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