Development Goals

  • Accomplish Shanghai’s
    shipping center initiative
  • Maintain the home port’s
    No. 1 world ranking
    in container throughput
  • Achieve top 3 ranking
    in the industry on all major
    performance indicators
  • Promote diversified
    and optimized
    business layout
  • Establish nationwide
    presence and engage in
    cross-border operation
  • Develop smart, green,
    technology-driven and
    efficient port management
  • Strengthen the building of the Party,
    a corruption-free team
    and a harmonious corporate culture
Planned Actions

  • With a focus on Shanghai’s international shipping center initiative, SIPG will be fully committed to making Shanghai a hub port, creating better port environment and clustering port and shipping resource factors.
  • Keeping a firm foothold in its home port, SIPG will give equal emphasis to sound development of core businesses and appropriate diversification while continuously improving the performance and quality of its operation.
  • SIPG will develop a highly efficient cargo collection and distribution network with extensive access to both river waterways and maritime routes in an effort to build a port logistics hub.
  • Adopting a “go global” strategy, SIPG will be engaged in cross-border operation and international development.
  • Work related to Party-building will be integrated into SIPG’s corporate culture to serve its overall development featuring harmony and order.
Six Focuses

  • Focus on the reform of state-owned assets and enterprises, and enhance the modern
    corporate governance structure
  • Focus on the development of Yangshan Deepwater Port so as to accommodate the growth during the 13th Five-Year Plan period.
  • Focus on the Yangtze River, and develop the port logistics industry featuring vertical integration of port, shipping and cargo businesses
  • Focus on optimized resource allocation, and push
    forward major projects
  • Focus on internationalization,
    and seize investment
    opportunities amid price dips
  • Focus on core businesses,
    and diversify investment
    in relevant sectors

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