SIPG cadres went to Yunnan Province for poverty alleviation work in villages

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According to Shanghai Municipality’s “double hundred” village-enterprise pairing targeted poverty alleviation work plan and SIPG’s established roadmap and timetable, in 2019, two cadres of the Company, Mei Xiaodong and Shi Yan, stationed respectively in two poverty-stricken villages, namely Banpo village of Malu township and Buka village of Kuangshan town under the jurisdiction of Huize County, to carry out targeted poverty alleviation coordination and ensure the high-quality completion of various poverty alleviation projects, so as to help impoverished people in the paired regions to achieve a well-off society together with the whole country by 2020.


Residences and roads of local villagers 


Banpo pupils put on a red scarf for Mei Xiaodong, a cadre stationed in the village.(left)  

Buka pupils hold certificates of merit and are eager to take a photo with their elder brother Shi Yan. (right)  


Pupils hold the warm breakfast provided by SIPG and bloom with happy smiles. (left) 

According to the construction assistance plan, this classroom will be built into a multimedia classroom,

so that children in the mountains can see the “outside world” more easily. (right) 

The village pavements construction project in Banpo, which directly benefits the transportation of production materials and everyday travel of the villagers, was successfully completed during the year, improving greatly the road facilities in the village and optimizing effectively the living environment of the mountain village. The project, featuring a total length of 5.96 kilometers, an average width of 3.55 meters, 107 sections of roads giving direct access to households, and an investment of 1,142,900 yuan from the Company, was completed and put into use on schedule. All the villagers used the word “happy” to express their high recognition and praise for the implementation of the project.


Pavements before and after the project implementation

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